Marriage Leads

direct from courthouse filings !

Marriage Leads offers a wide range of marketing opportunity for our clients.

Newlyweds soon find themselves setting down to make financial decisions, comparing insurance policies for best coverage, purchasing or renting a new home, buying items such as new furniture and home decor, appliances, automobile, etc. They may be in the market for new services like phones, television, internet and utilities. 

Newlyweds may also be looking for financial advisers, accountants or consultants to guide them through a checklist of all the tasks they need to do next, like updating their information with Social Security, Credit Cards, etc.

The marketing opportunities with our Marriage Lists meets the requirements of a wide range of clients. For you to target newlyweds, you need to know when a new marriage application and/or marriage has been recorded at the courthouse.  We can provide that exact information for you.

What's included:  when available.

  -  State Abbreviation
  -  County Name
  -  Court Filing Date
  -  Couple's Names
  -  Mailing Address 
  -  Couple's Date of Births
  -  Marriage Date

But do you have time to go to visit local courthouse on a regular basis; to learn to search for these types of documents; to hand write or key the information from each marriage document; to assemble the information into a layout/format in which your in-house mail program can process ? 

Wouldn't you rather be spending your valuable time marketing the leads and increasing your sales?

Why not let us do the research for you?

Become one of our happy clients today.