Mortgage Life Insurance /

Protection Leads

direct from courthouse filings !

NewPurchases, Refinances, Home Equities, Mortgage Assignments, Reverse Mortgages - our Leads cover them all.

What's included:    (when available)

Court Filing Date
Borrower/Grantor Names (2 max)
Property Address 
(If a Property Address is not available, a mailing address will be provided)
Lender Name 
Loan Amount 

     Many homeowners realize the importance of buying a Mortgage Life Insurance  policy (aka Mortgage Protection Insurance). 

     It's something that consumers purchase for protection, since they don't know what the future holds and they want to ensure that their family will not be in jeopardy of losing their home or have a financial hardship fall when they cannot afford the payments. 

     To target this audience, you need to know when a new or revised loan has been filed at the courthouse.

     Obtaining Mortgage Leads takes countless hours at the courthouse, but we can provide you this service at a very competitive rate.  

Let us do the research for you.