Probate Leads

direct from courthouse filings !

That's right!  Our Leads are generated direct from the courthouse Probate filings and not from Internet inquiries which have hundreds of people like you trying to contact the Executor about the real estate property involved. 

 What's included:    (when available)

Probate Case Number
Court Filing Date
Decedent's Name & Address
Date of Birth
Date of Death 
Personal Rep. Name & Address   Personal Rep.'s Role
Attorney Name & Address 
Closed Date
Claims Due Date 
Notice to Creditor Date

     Probate Leads are one of the most profitable areas of Real Estate.  It's not a difficult market, yet it's the least understood and can be time consuming looking up Probate Cases to obtain sufficient information to market.  So what is a Probate? 

     When someone dies, usually an Executor is appointed (with or without a Will) to ensure that Creditors and Heirs are notified. The Executor is responsible for ensuring that creditors are paid and that the property and personal belongings of the deceased are distributed to the Heirs.  Often times, the Executor will obtain an attorney to assist in the filing and events needed during the Probate process. 

     Both Real Estate Agents and Investors take benefit from these type of Leads.  Agents can contact the Executors of the deceased's estate and offer to "list" the real estate property for sale (audience of direct buyers or "buyer" Real Estate Agents.  Investors can make an offer to purchase the property if the Executor is looking for a quick sale.  So your first point of contact should be to the Executor (also known as the Petitioner, Personal Representative or Administrator), then follow up with the Attorney.  (Note: creating a good rapport with attorneys is a good way to get referrals regarding future Probate Leads.) 

     Obtaining Probate Leads takes countless hours at the courthouse, especially if you're not familiar as to where to locate them and what types of Probate documents you need to locate.  We are experienced in this type of Lead Generation and know what to look.  You'll find that we offer very competitive rates too.  So let us do the research for you! 

     Typically there is less competition in Probate investments than in Foreclosures, as you're offering a valuable service to people who need you. Beneficiaries and Executors are often very motivated to sell; a great investment at 30% to 50% below market value and usually takes less time to purchase than Foreclosure properties.  Regardless of the economy, there is always a large inventory of Probate Leads.