1 Stop Lead Shop

   So, Why Choose Us ?

Besides our Reliable, Quality Service?  Or our Hassel-Free, no contract Leads? 

Because we're not a List Broker or a Lead House ! 

We're not reselling the same leads over and over hundreds of times.  We don't have a pile of leads sitting around to be dumped on anyone that will take them.  There are far too many of these businesses available on the Internet already that compile orders from some electronically created list with a high-risk of errors.

       Unlike major list companies, we compile the data from various county courthouses nationwide and are the owner of our Leads.  You'll find that often times, we have counties that the larger list companies cannot offer.  Why?  Because the court documents are not view-able online or cannot be obtained from other list companies.  Bottom line, it's not worth "their" time. 1 Stop Lead Shop may not cover every county Nationwide, but if you need one for your business, we'll do our best to recruit and get the areas covered. We appreciate our Clients and focus on Quality, Reliability and Fresh Leads.

       When you place an order with 1 Stop Lead Shop, your Leads won't be pulled out of a mass database file where the same records are waiting to be sold over and over again.  Instead, we'll dispatch a researcher to the areas you specifically want to target and the data collection will be performed to your specific criteria.

Let us be your Partner for Success; your 1 Stop Lead Shop.  We understand the fast pace of Lead Marketing.  Contact us today for a prompt response and we’ll present a strategy that best suits your needs.  Leads will meet your unique specifications as opposed to “generic” data.  After all, why pay for information that you will never use or waste your valuable time stripping it away?  We know your priority is focused on positive results; let 1 Stop Lead Shop provide you quality fresh Leads so  you can focus your valuable time on Marketing.

We've got a solution at 1 Stop Lead Shop.   If you request a location where we do not have current coverage, we'll be happy to check with other companies we network with to obtain the Leads - we'll even recruit for a researcher just to fill your ongoing orders.  Our extensive network of experienced court researchers are the best in the business, ensuring you quality service.  We'll conduct the courthouse venture for you and conduct research to target the Leads you need, viewing the actual documents to ensure we have complete and accurate data.

Need copies? In most counties, we can also provide a retrieval service for a small fee and obtain copies of the Judgment documents you request.